Nature offers inspiration, simple shapes and surprising materials, the qualities of which the artisan can enhance. Thus, in our hands, the stone reveals its soul and turns into something beautiful, precious and unique.

Calcarenite is a poor material which, until now, has not been used for objects of design. But it has had new life breathed into it through Project Tufa.

The design becomes accessible, the neutral colors of the stone perfectly complement any environment. Tufa “Mini-Sculptures” are ready to become part of everyone’s life.

Who are we?

Two brothers. Two artists. Two artisans. We have made our own an ancient artisan tradition, a passion born, by chance, in the 90s but cultivated each and every day with the same enthusiasm.

We started working with tufa limestone in the fields of construction and restoration but, over time, we felt the need to concede more space and time to our creativity. Following many and varied collaborations with international designers, we decided to push our own boundaries and to start this new adventure. Two worlds so close and yet so very different, each needing sufficient space of its own and, in this way, TUFA Mini-Sculptures was born: furnishing accessories and objects with a contemporary design each expressing the potential of a unique and unconventional material.